About events

How to create an event?

  1. Create your user account in the member area. Be sure that you are logged in.
  2. Create a new event in the events area.
  3. Enter your event name.
  4. Select an event category (max. 3). a thumbnail will be attached to your event and shown in the events calendar automatically.
  5. Select “organizing” if you are still setting up the event, and maybe need help from other volunteers. Or select “planned” when the event is already planned.
  6. Do you need any help from other volunteers? Please select “yes” or “no”,
  7. Select whether this is a recurring (herhalend) event. Be careful with this option: editing recurring events afterwards may cause problems with bookings! For safety reasons you’d better create separate events!
  8. Select your location. Some locations are already listed. A map will be generated automatically.
  9. Describe your event in detail. Start by giving a short description of what your are planning to do. Remember to include information for attendents: should they subscribe or not, and where do they need to go if you want to pick them up. If you still need help from other volunteers for your event, please make a bulleted list of things you need, for example:
    • Taking in supplies
    • Driving car to the event
    • Driving car from the event
    • Contact museum
    • etc…

    People can comment on your event if they want to help you. You can edit this field later on, adjusting your needs.

  10. Upload any image of flyer if you have
  11. Enable / disable bookings
  12. After your event is uploaded succesfully, don’t forget to share it with your facebook friends and with Hotel de Koepel and ActiteitenKoepelHaarlem. Also, you can subscribe to the discussion below your event to receive an email notification every time a comment is submitted.

Any technical problems with your account? Please send an email to beheer@vluchtelingenhaarlem.nl